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I snapped this whilst exercising my severely atrophied jaywalking muscles • Thank you for all the lovely comments! I’m severely behind on all things IG and I hope to catch up by the end of this week.  (at Flatiron Building)
I’m back, back in the New York [by Gehry] Groove! (at New York by Gehry)
Coral skies (at Pershing Square)
Shape up (at McArthur Park - North Side)
Chomp #architecture #jelloet #minimalism (at Vermont/Wilshire)
Dunes for days #deathvalley #mojave
This ain’t no disco. It ain’t no country club, either.  (at 6th Street Bridge)
Moment bends
My mind’s been in a #wicked_flip after experiencing my first few [non-destructive] earthquakes!           😮😬😐